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Hand Therapy via Telehealth

Virtual hand therapy is ideal for patients who are homebound, in an at risk patient population, or busy professionals who need to maximize their therapy time.Telehealth provides the opportunity to virtually meet with Mitzi Harrison, PT/CHT  for a hand therapy appointment via video conferencing.  Telehealth hand therapy can be tailored to your individual needs and may be covered by your insurance carrier. We also have affordable private pay options to serve patients who do not have insurance or for whom Telehealth is not a covered service under their insurance plan.  Call us to schedule a Telehealth service.

15 Min Brief Consultation

Are you looking to clarify information already provided by your doctor or therapist? Do you have questions regarding your current home exercise program? A brief appointment with one of our therapists can help  answer your questions.

30 Min Evaluation

In the 30 minute evaluation, a brief review of your health history and diagnosis is completed and a virtual evaluation is performed to determine deficits in range of motion and functional mobility.  Based on the this evaluation, a home exercise and treatment program is developed.

1 Hr Comprehensive Evaluation

In this one hour comprehensive visit, an evaluation is performed which includes a review of available medical records, health history and diagnosis. Evaluation your range of motion, flexibility, strength and functional mobility is performed. Based on these findings, virtual treatment is started which may include instruction in self care, activity modification, joint protection and home exercise program instruction.  

What our customers are saying

It was so easy and convenient to set up a video appointment. I was sent a link through my email and was able to easily access the Telehealth platform. The therapist was able to answer my questions and explain in detail my injury and provided me with a home exercise program.  I will be scheduling more of these type of appointments in the future.  

Kim A., Boulder, CO

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