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Mitzi is a musician, specializing in treatment of musicians! 

“Two years ago, at the age of 74, I sadly quit playing Beethoven on the piano. My fingers were tripping over each other in scale passages as I played quartets. As I played quartets with a violinist, violist, and cellist, I was mortified and discouraged.

My PCP sent me to Dr Rog, orthopedic surgeon, for a consult and he referred me to Mitzi. Mitzi was able to recognize the root causes of the issues with my fingers. Through strengthening exercises, multiple therapy sessions, and great patience, Mitzi has produced miracles. I am once again playing Beethoven!"

Kit, patient 

***Patient is wearing custom fabricated silver rings which were made by our team member, Julia King, CMT.***

Physical Therapy for Musicians

In addition to expert hand therapy, we offer orthopedic physical therapy for musicians at PT Specialties of Boulder, located in the suite with Certified Hand Therapy Services. Instrumentalists and vocalists may be seen by Virginia Arnette, Doctor of Physical Therapy, for playing analysis and treatment of conditions affecting the jaw, neck, back, shoulder and lower body. 


SERVICES include:

  • Orthopedic assessment by a physical therapist

  • Playing analysis

  • Cross-training exercise prescription according to the particular demands of your instrument

  • Anatomy, movement and biomechanics education

  • Treatment including functional dry needling and manual therapy


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